Can you trust your vets? (A cautionary tale)

The obvious answer should be Yes! Veterinary is one of the caring professions, alongside with nursing and all varieties of medicine, human or animal. Practitioners of such professions are usually, by nature, caring people, who adhere to a code of conduct and are guided by strong ethics. When we have an injury or any health […]

Character No. 4 (Guess who……)

Here’s no. 4. Would love to know your opinions 🙂 She is in her forties. Built like a tank and with a face to match, she probably knows she is no beauty, but to compensate, she has “attitude”. Her hair is shoulder length, dark with a few greys, often greasy and she wears it in […]

Guess who……… 3

This is the third character. Opinions welcome! He will be 35 in two weeks time. He thinks he is too young to have to wait another five years before he can have a big party to celebrate one of those landmark birthdays ending in zero. He had an idea of what sort of party he […]