Guess who…….. 2

Here is the second of my proposed characters (please look at my previous post)

She is about 19 or 20. Long, dark, shiny hair falls softly and naturally on her shoulders. She looks self consciously at her hands and from time to time she steals a furtive look around her. She is sat  on a bench at the railway station.

The young woman wears standard issue leggings, a stretchy top, flat shoes and an old fashioned trench coat. On her lap is a rolled up sleeping bag. And that is the only item in her possession. Not a bag or rucksack. She gets up once and looks at the platform clock. She doesn’t carry a phone.

Up until three months ago she was a student of psychology, but she found student life too stressful and she dropped out.  She feels free of the stress, but a bit apprehensive, as she has no clear ideas or plans for the future. Maybe teaching…? possibly waitressing…? for now her hopes are with her older brother, who always has some answers…


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