Guess who……… 3

This is the third character. Opinions welcome!

He will be 35 in two weeks time. He thinks he is too young to have to wait another five years before he can have a big party to celebrate one of those landmark birthdays ending in zero. He had an idea of what sort of party he wanted, but his new girlfriend has already planned something. A ‘surprise’ she said. So he will have to forgo his plans and graciously accept the surprise. He doesn’t want to upset his girlfriend. He really likes her.

His imminent birthday has made him think: he is young, but not ‘young young’ as when he could be reckless, drink too much, have a girl in every port, be a bit irresponsible… Not too much, just because ‘you are young only once’. He now dresses a lot more formally. Smart suits on week days and smart casual on weekends. His hair is neat. No more wild colouring like sixteen years ago when he coloured half of his hair bright purple after a drunken dare.

Work is going fine. A promotion just eight months after joining the company. Not as good as he had wished, but very reasonable. He is content and life is good.


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