Guess who…. 1

I am in the process of writing a novella. I have written a very brief outline of some characters and I would like to see the opinions of all you, published or unpublished authors out there!

There are six characters and (hopefully) they will interact in the story. I would be very interested in your opinions: are these people credible? what sort of story would they be suitable for? any specific details that I need to add about their personalities or physical description that make them more credible? What is their relationship, if any, to each other? Any suggestions for names?

Oh, I forgot: I will say some more about the plot of the novella, but I am asking opinions without saying anything else, so not to bias your ideas 🙂

So, here is the first one:

She is in her 40s, overweight, wears her hair short and very plainly brushed back. Sometimes she tints it with bright red highlights. That is the only concession to some sense of style. Her glasses have plain oblong plastic frames.

She usually complains about feeling hot and wears loose clothing, always with thin-fabric tops with short sleeves, even in Winter.

She is in middle management, but fancies herself only second from the top and she likes to impress this on the people she manages. She uses the same tricks employed by many managers when they want (or need) to assert themselves upon their managees, like summoning them their offices at specific times, to discuss some trivial point.

Her job is not easy now. It used to be, before all the reorganization, when her roll was well defined and understood by the few people she used to manage. She is now fast reaching her incompetence level. With new very independent and resentful people being forced to join her team, she is in a sandwich position, trying to deliver for her boss, and trying to persuade her new team to perform unwelcome new tricks.


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