Character No. 4 (Guess who……)

Here’s no. 4. Would love to know your opinions 🙂

She is in her forties. Built like a tank and with a face to match, she probably knows she is no beauty, but to compensate, she has “attitude”. Her hair is shoulder length, dark with a few greys, often greasy and she wears it in a very plain half pony tail.
Her clothing is unfashionable and cheap. She favours calf length full skirts or wide leg trousers that only reach the shins, showing her flat shoes, or sometimes “crocs”.
Her manner is brusque and loud and her voice is sharp, penetrating and strident.
Sometimes she tries to make friendly conversation, but the next time she might just ignore you completely.
If you want some news spread very fast all over the place, tell it to her “in confidence”


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