Guess who………5

Fifth character. I am grateful for your comments!

He is 55, but looks at least five years older, due to his prematurely wrinkly skin, and his enthusiasm for old, black and white movies of the 40s. He wears his “salt and pepper” hair cut very short, in a military style, but always very plain. His dress style is formal, usually wearing a tie.

He is a Christian, with very definite views, though never tries to proselytise. His faith colours his views on all aspects of his life. He never lies, not even those little convenient white lies that can get people out of trouble, or that help smooth a “situation”.

He is mild mannered and very approachable, but he doesn’t like to be told what to do. Although very intelligent, with two college degrees, he doesn’t take advantage of opportunities:  a matter of principle or plain blindness.

He doesn’t know, and is not interested in, any aspect of pop culture: music, tv, movies. His teen-aged daughters think he is out of touch (as most teenagers thinks about their parents), as he doesn’t even like  to use email, let alone any social media.


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