A bit about yours trully


I am new to blogging, although I have been thinking about it for some time. I have written only a couple of entries so far, and I was very happy when I got my first Like, and my first Follower. The orange dot on the bell gives me a glowing feeling and an incentive 🙂

I clicked the Discovery section and I found a lot of people with lots of interesting things to say. I started following a few of them, and I enjoy reading their articles. I can see that soon it’s going to be difficult to read everything from everybody, but at least I know that I will always find something inspiring in these pages.

Although I do not have as much time to write -or to read, as I would like,  this community is a great  opportunity to say what’s in my head… who knows where it’s coming from, but it needs to get out!

So this is me: I love learning new things, I care passionately about animals, and I have lots of interests, including psychology; linguistics; philosophy; mythology, science, art and many more. I like photography and practice tai chi. As an agnostic, I do not follow any religion, but my moral code includes the philosophy of Christianity and Buddhism, among other components. That could be called “my faith”, although I do not believe in any supernatural beings.


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