A bit about yours trully


I am new to blogging, although I have been thinking about it for some time. I have written only a couple of entries so far, and I was very happy when I got my first Like, and my first Follower. The orange dot on the bell gives me a glowing feeling and an incentive 🙂

I clicked the Discovery section and I found a lot of people with lots of interesting things to say. I started following a few of them, and I enjoy reading their articles. I can see that soon it’s going to be difficult to read everything from everybody, but at least I know that I will always find something inspiring in these pages.

Although I do not have as much time to write -or to read, as I would like,  this community is a great  opportunity to say what’s in my head… who knows where it’s coming from, but it needs to get out!

So this is me: I love learning new things, I care passionately about animals, and I have lots of interests, including psychology; linguistics; philosophy; mythology, science, art and many more. I like photography and practice tai chi. As an agnostic, I do not follow any religion, but my moral code includes the philosophy of Christianity and Buddhism, among other components. That could be called “my faith”, by people who need to put labels to ways of thinking, but I definitely  do not believe in any supernatural being: I do not believe that any powerful god, with all the supreme attributes that he (or she, or it) is supposed to have, would need our worship, and I don’t think he would need to be told by us, in our prayers, what we need or be persuaded by those prayers to change his mind about something that is about to happen.


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